An E-Fed based off of the Independent Wrestling Circuit. It's a casual Fed looking for bright new stars.
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PostSubject: Off Camera Staff   Off Camera Staff EmptySun May 06, 2012 6:09 pm

The members on my Staff have extraordinary references and have a history in practically running feds. If you wish to become a member of any part of the team, whether that be Creative Team, GFX Team, or Writing Team then get in contact with me. Though I do have the final say so, it depends on what my colleagues Ashten and the Assassin think as well.

-To be apart of the Creative Team, just let me know with a simple message.

-If you have a problem with someone then email me. DO NOT take it upon yourself to instigate or harass the person. And DO NOT go on forums and pick a fight, you will be suspended indefinitely for 2 weeks. All of this can be avoided by simply talking to me about it.

-To be apart of the Writing Team, then get in contact with me and send both me and The Assassin examples of your work.

-To be apart of the GFX Team, email the Head of Graphics and he will be sure to let you know if you're good enough.

Founder, Chairman, Head Writer, Booker, Head of Talents and Relations - Jacob Edwards/Admin

Head of GFX, Creative Team Member, Talent Scouter - Ashten Cross

Co-Writer, Creative Team Member, Talent Scouter - The Assassin
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Off Camera Staff
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