An E-Fed based off of the Independent Wrestling Circuit. It's a casual Fed looking for bright new stars.
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On Camera Staff Ccwchairman
Mr. Jacob Edwards||CCW Owner:
Height: 6'2; Weight: 254lbs.
Match Tactic: Heel
Biography: Jacob Edwards is a man from a small town in Illinois. He grew up in a bit of an urban neighborhood, and apparently he turned out doing very well for himself. After graduating High School with honors, he wasted no time in going to college. Though he didn't finish his sophomore year, instead he dropped out and tried his luck as a Professional Wrestler. That's where he claims he made the biggest mistake of his life, because it didn't work out. Instead of enduring the pain, punishment, and sacrifices it took to become a wrestler, he took it upon himself to build his own Wrestling Federation from the ground up. Thus the start of Central Championship Wrestling.

On Camera Staff Ccwcommentary
Johnny Boy Graham(left) and Drew Samson(right)||Color Commentators:
Height: 5'8; Weight: 291lbs. Height: 6'0; Weight: 267lbs.
Alignments: Face; Heel

On Camera Staff Ccwinterviewers
Sherry Rolland(left)||Announcer; Brian McDonald(right)||Interviewer:
Height: 5'4; Weight: 121lbs. Height: 5'11; Weight: 188lbs.
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On Camera Staff
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