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 Leon Contract

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PostSubject: Leon Contract   Thu May 03, 2012 4:49 pm

Name: Leon

Nickname(Optional): Da Kid

Height: 5'5"

Weight:230 lbs



Character Description:Leon who started the indies back in his 20's and went around the world and won some championship and later he ended up injured at got stripped out of his championship with torn ACL... Some few years later in his early 30's he re-trained and got back on the indie circut and now he singed a contract with CCW and is now active.

Alignment(Heel or Face): ???

Fighting Style(Powerhouse, Brawler, Highflyer, Technician, Showman, Submissionist, Dirty): A Powerhouse mixed with brawling abilities

Entrance Music(Please email me a Video Link): N/A

Favorite Weapon: Chair, Barbwire Bat, Lighttubes, Tables

Moveset(Unlimited): Headlock, Suplex, Neckbreaker, Leg Lock, Cobra Clutch, Larit, Powebomb, Clothesline, DDT, Belly-To-Belly Suplex

Signature Moves(5-10): Anaconda vise, Leon's Cutter (Elevated cutter), Brainbuster, Samoa Driver, The Knock Shuffle (Three Punches to the Face)

Finishers(1-2): Leon's Special (A Stunner)


Favorite Matches(Optional):
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Leon Contract
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