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 Blue Shark Title Defense rp

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Blue Shark Title Defense rp Empty
PostSubject: Blue Shark Title Defense rp   Blue Shark Title Defense rp EmptyTue May 29, 2012 8:27 pm

Blue Shark stands in front of a shark tank with the IC Belt over his shoulder...he then begins to speak.

Blue Shark: I am your Intercontinental Champion...but at May Day I have to defend against a man adept in martial arts...his name is Chun Ng.

Blue Shark puts the IC belt down.

Blue Shark: Now Chun I get your good but can you go up against the might of the Biggest Fish in the Sea? I will walk out of May Day IC Champion...I promise you that!

Sorry my rps have been bad lately...I have no time with finals coming up...after this week I'll have more time.
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Blue Shark Title Defense rp
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