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 The Assasian....the next CCW World Champion?

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PostSubject: The Assasian....the next CCW World Champion?   Tue May 29, 2012 8:33 pm

The Assasian stands in the middle of a church with his third mask on...he is also wearing priest robes. He looks up at the camera and speaks to all watching him.

The Assasian: I may have lost last week...but I did not lose cleanly...and know I have to go into a ladder match to win a title? Mr. Edwards do you really think that Ashten and Ryan will be able to stop me? Do you have no brain? Mr. Edwards I may lose every match up to a Pay-Per View but The Freak on a Leash always comes out on top. If you have ever watched HFW then you would realize this.

The Assasian sits on the arm of a pew and continues talking.

The Assasian: Mr. Edwards I will become the CCW World Champion and even though it seems that you have been trying everything to stop me it will not work. I will prevail and become the first ever CCW World Champion. If you don't believe it then just watch me at the Pay-Per-View

The Assasian walks off the camera.
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The Assasian....the next CCW World Champion?
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