An E-Fed based off of the Independent Wrestling Circuit. It's a casual Fed looking for bright new stars.
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The Kayfabe Federation
-This fed is based off of an Indy Circuit, for now. The "CCW Live" is streamed online for thousands of people, and broadcast for maybe 2,000 people on a small time network Wednesday Nights at 7pm est. So do not talk about it as if its the WWE. Talk about the CCW as if its a Regional Wrestling Federation, that only tours throughout Central Circuit (hence the name) of America. Maybe one day we'll be able to go National at the most, but currently we're not.

Signing Up
-Signing up is easy to do, you go directly to the "CCW Contracts" section, copy the template, and fill in your Info. The more information you give me, the better your character will be displayed as.

-After signing up, and being accepted, then you can post your debut promo. It doesn't have to be five hundred words, but just give us enough to get your point across.

-You are allowed to play no more than two characters. And we do not care what sex, race, etc. that you pick. If you would like to play a Diva and a Male Wrestler, then feel free to do so.

Picture Bases
-Picture bases I believe should be a reflection of your character, but you are allowed to pick ANY pic base you'd like. From singers, actresses, and actual wrestlers. Just as long as its a free pic base.

How to Win
-If you want to win your matches, just out promo your opponent. This doesn't necessarily mean that you should bash him/her constantly, it just means that you should make sure that what you're talking about is relevant, have good grammar, and promote your match.

-We here at CCW believe in Quality over Quantity. You do not have to have eight hundred word promos every single week. And there is a Limit of 2 Promo's for each opponent in each match that they're involved in. Just in case there are others here that are busy with other Feds.

-Fights happen, but they will not be tolerated. Drama is of course going to come around, with every fed that you interact with. But if you are engaged in a fight, take it to the promo page and leave it on the promo page. I love it when a heated non kayfabe feud, can be turned into a storyline. And nine times out of ten I will do that just because it'll bring the best out of you both. Though if you're wanting to settle the fight, just simply pm me, and I will help you both resolve your problems. Do not instigate it, harass the member, or take the fight to the forums. That's how feds die, and if you do that, I will suspend you indefinitely.

Where to challenge people/champions
-To challenge someone, go to the match card section. Make a promo/roleplay like you normally would, and if its good enough I'll book the match.

-ANYONE can have a pay per view match, if they have an okay from an opponent they wish to challenge. If you want to make an open challenge, to be fit onto the CCW Live Match Card, than feel free to do so. As long as you do it, two days before the shows are to be posted.

-Tours are quick results, and are the places where anything can happen. But you only get ONE chance, so that means only ONE promo each.

-Creativity isn't a must, but it is what will give you a massive MASSIVE push. If you do things that stand out and get attention, then you will most likely be pushed further.

-Only the best of the very best in CCW can hold the CCW Championships. If you want to take the easier way out, then feel free to challenge the champion. But its ultimately up to the champion, if he/she deems you worthy of facing them. There are RARE times, that if you're the type that has been patient, doing good, not having much to do, etc. And you challenge the champion, and he/she says No, then I could make the match anyways. But the majority of the time, its usually the Champions that are given the power.

The Power is Yours
-Central Championship Wrestling is a Casual E-Fed that doesn't require much. We're solely based on people enjoying themselves. Story lines can and probably will be developed through your character's interactions backstage in the "Backstage Confrontations" area. When it comes down to shows, you are allowed to send in Segments of your character doing whatever. Just be sure that you color-code the entire thing. And if you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions feel free to PM me.
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Important Information
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