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 Maritza Silveria

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PostSubject: Maritza Silveria   Maritza Silveria EmptyFri May 04, 2012 6:52 pm

Name: Maritza Silveria

Height: 5'6

Weight: 125

Picbase: AJ Lee

Gimmick: A High Flying Brawler who is on the hunt for the World Title. A current Mix Martial Artist.

Alignment(Heel or Face): Face

Fighting Style(Powerhouse, Brawler, Highflyer, Technician, Showman, Submissionist, Dirty): High Flier, Brawler

Entrance Music(Please email me a Video Link): N/A

Favorite Weapon: Chair

Moveset(Unlimited): DDT, Suplex, Underhook Backbreaker, Hurricanrana, Dragonrana, Step Up Frankenstiener, Enzigiri, Brainbuster, Top Rope Leg Drop, Crossbody, Dropkick, Stomps, Bicycle Kick, Diving Kick, Springboard Kick, various punching types, various kick types

Signature Moves(5-10):
Roundhouse Kick
Springboard Crossbody
Flipping DDT
Pumphandle Slam

Cutthroat (Reverse DDT into a Leg Drop

Favorite Matches(Optional):

Maritza Silveria AJ_Lee_Full

Maritza Silveria AJ_Lee_16
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Maritza Silveria
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