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 Maritza Silveria vs Rochelle Fauz Promo Number 1

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Maritza Silveria vs Rochelle Fauz Promo Number 1 Empty
PostSubject: Maritza Silveria vs Rochelle Fauz Promo Number 1   Maritza Silveria vs Rochelle Fauz Promo Number 1 EmptySun May 06, 2012 12:17 am

The promo fades into Maritza doing stretches in a gym. She is on a gym mat and reaches down to the bottom of her leg. She then notices that the camera is on and looks up surprised.

Maritza: Oh is the camera on? Well then I have been signed to my first ever Pro Wrestling Promotion. It is an honor to be in the Promotion. I think some of you may already know who I am. Well if you don’t my name is Maritza Silveria better known as the MMA Fighter who currently has a record of 8-2. Most of you probably know me for my deadly kicks. Well along with MMA fighting I have decided to step into a wrestling ring and test my skill here in Central Circuit Wrestling. A brand new wrestling promotion that is being regarded as the next big thing on the wrestling circuit.

Maritza steps off the mat and the camera follows her. She walks to a bench and picks up a towel and puts it around her neck.
She then picks up a water bottle and takes a sip from it. She then puts the water bottle back on the bench and then begins to speak to the camera again.

Maritza: So I’m being put in my first match against a woman by the name of Rochelle Faux who says she is the Goddess of Pro Wrestling. I hope she’s ready to face the Goddess of MMA. Overall though I just hope to do my best in that ring, then do my best in the octagon. Apparently though my first match is in a tournament for the companies Intercontinental Championhip. Well hopefully not only will I win that title but hopefully I’ll get a title shot in MMA soon too. Well that’s about it I guess. See ya later and see you in the ring Rochelle.

Maritza goes to kick the air but kicks the cameraman on accident you can hear she say “Aw shit” as the camera fades out.
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Maritza Silveria vs Rochelle Fauz Promo Number 1
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