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 Wraith Hype #1

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PostSubject: Wraith Hype #1   Wraith Hype #1 EmptySun May 06, 2012 9:57 pm

Wraith Hype #1 Man%2Bon%2Ba%2Bbench2-saidaonline

The screen shows a man on a bench during a storm...he begins to recite a poem...

There once was a man who lived in Leeds;
He filled his garden full of seeds.
And when the seeds began to grow,
It was like a garden filled with snow.
But when the snow began to melt,
It was like a ship without a belt.
And when the ship began to sail,
It was like a bird without a tail.
And when the bird began to fly,
It was like an eagle in the sky.
And when the sky began to roar,
It was like a lion at my door.
And when the door began to crack,
It was like a penknife in my back.
And when my back began to bleed,
I was dead, dead, dead indeed!

The screen flashes and shows the figure sitting on a bench in a storm…but the lightning stops flashing and you cannot see him anymore…

Narrator: He is coming…
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Wraith Hype #1
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