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 Ryan Savage

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Ryan Savage

Ryan Savage

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PostSubject: Ryan Savage   Ryan Savage EmptySun May 06, 2012 10:02 pm

Name: Ryan Savae

Nickname(Optional): The Foundation Of Violence

Height:6ft '2in

Weight: 277lbs

Picbase: Samoa Joe

Gimmick(Optional): A quiet, sadistic man who would do anything his power to cause pain and suffering to his opponents and will do anything to win a match. If he has to exploit, or take advantage of a situation he wouldn't hesitate to take that opprotunity. By any means neccessary that's his motto

Character Description:

Alignment(Heel or Face):Heel

Fighting Style: Brawler, Technician,Submissionist, Powerhouse

Entrance Music:

Favorite Weapon:Sledgehammer

Snap Suplex
Snap Scoop Slam
Pele Kick
Sidewalk slam
Crucifix Armbar
Saito German Suplex
Bridging German Suplex
Snap overhead belly to belly suplex to an oncoming opponent

Signature Moves(5-10):
Wake Up Call (Military press dropped into a lifting kick to the opponent's chest)
Jumping Twisting Enzuigiri
Torment (Chop to the back of a seated opponent followed by a football kick to the chest and finished with a jumping knee drop or running senton)
Devil's Crash (Running arched big boot to the face of an opponent seated against a turnbuckle or oustide against a wall, gaurdrail, chair, etc)

Shut Down (ST Joe)
Final Judgement (Coquina Clutch)
Kimura with neckscissors]


Favorite Matches(Optional):Street Fight, Extreme Rules, Falls Count Anywhere

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Ryan Savage

Ryan Savage

Posts : 5
Join date : 2012-05-06

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Changed a lot of things
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Ryan Savage
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