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 Mike Cole's contract

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Mike Cole

Mike Cole

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PostSubject: Mike Cole's contract   Mike Cole's contract EmptySun May 06, 2012 11:34 pm

Name: Mike Cole

Nickname(Optional): "Better than you"

Height: 6ft 2

Weight: 220lb

Picbase: Chris Jericho
Mike Cole's contract 478096_1285535557796_318_390

Gimmick(Optional): Talk trasher.

Character Description: Mike Cole is a loudmout who always talks shit about his opponents,yet in his matches he always uses cheap tacticts and never wins fair nor dominates (Unless it's against some jobber) if Cole sees that he's unable to beat his opponent he tries to find a way to get him DQ'ed..

Alignment(Heel or Face): Heel

Fighting Style: Dirty

Entrance Music(Please email me a Video Link): "Tip of my tongue" - Endeverafter

Favorite Weapon: Microphone

Big boot
Diamond cutter
Super kick
German suplex
Tiger bomb
Repeated kicks to the chest followed by a kick to the head
Shining Wizard
Roundhouse kick
Dropkick (Sometimes from the top rope)
Swinging corner clothesline
Big boot to a sit-out opponent
Inverted facelock backbreaker followed by a neckbreaker
Boston Crab
European Uppercut
Eye rake

Signature Moves(5-10):
The Cole Strike (Skull Crushing Finale)
Snap DDT to a kneeling opponent
The Cole Lock (Yes-lock)

Cole Finale (Zig Zag)
Mikecator (Edgecator)

"I'm better than you"

Favorite Matches(Optional):
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Mike Cole's contract
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