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 5/9/12 Results

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Pyro start to ignite within the Gym, as the fans in the auditorium start to clap and cheer. They're waving banners and posters in the air, and chanting "CCW". The camera goes to ringside where we have Johnny Boy and Drew sitting on commentary.

5/9/12 Results Commentators

Johnny Boy: Woo!! Have mercy, thank you for tuning into Turbo TV ladies and gentlemen. I'm Johnny Boy Graham here with Drew Samson at ringside, welcoming you to the first ever edition of CCW Live! It is packed in here, we have all of these people squeezed in on the bleachers and we're about to get this show kicked off and I for one can't wait.

Drew Samson: Right you are. We have some of the biggest superstars on the Indy's Circuit, and this show right here is said to be the first of many successful ones to come.

Mr. Edwards music plays

Johnny Boy: And here he is the man of the hour...

Sherry Rolland: Ladies and Gentlemen...the Owner and Founder of Central Championship Wrestling...Mr. Jacob Edwards!!

Mr. Edwards gets in the ring with a microphone and begins to speak as his music dies down.

Mr. Edwards: Men and women, boys and girls of all ages...allow me the privilege of welcoming you to the CCW! Now a lot of people in the back are just anxious to come out here and give you a hell of a show, and I too much like you all, are anxious to see what they got. Now tonight will be a show filled with controversy, that surrounds the Intercontinental Championship. There are a dozen men in the back that are wanting this opportunity, and I'm going to give it to them. So guys, this is your big chance, so a little piece of advise....DON'T SCREW IT UP! Now lets get on with the show shall we?

Blue Shark's music plays

Sherry Rolland: This contest is scheduled for one fall, making his way to the ring...BLUE SHARK!!

Drew Samson: Oh look at this clown, there's no way in hell that this joker is walking out the winner.

Tornado's music plays

Sherry Rolland: And his opponent....TORNADO!!!

Johnny Boy: This young man seems very eager to get this match up started and so do I. I mean look at him he has so much charisma, and the fans seem to be behind both athletes.

Drew Samson: Yeah, what does that tell ya? They have bad taste in wrestlers too!

Both competitors meet in the ring and shake hands. Then go back to their corners, and the bell sounds off to start the first match off.

Johnny Boy: Looks like this match is finally underway!!!

The two tangle up Tornado gets the upper hand on Blue Shark by pushing him into the corner. The referee comes to break it up but before he can Blue Shark begins punching and kicking at Tornado. Blue Shark hits Tornado with one more elbow, and bounces off the ropes, he ducks a clothesline from Tornado and hits him with a clothesline of his own. Tornado is quick to get back up, and is hit with another clothesline. Tornado gets up yet again and is hit with a massive dropkick from Blue Shark. Blue Shark goes for an early pin attempt. But there's a kick out at two.

Drew Samson: There was no way he was going to get a three count off of that!! His mask must be wrapped around his head too tightly.

Blue Shark picks Tornado up by his mask, and nails him with a kick to the gut. He bounces off the ropes and hits a running bulldog onto Tornado. Blue Shark goes for the pin again, only to get another near fall. Tornado struggles to get up, and Blue Shark is stalking him. Tornado makes it to his feet, and Blue Shark tries to go for a double arm DDT, but Tornado fights free. He nails a couple blows to the head of Blue Shark, and clothesline's him out of the ring. Blue Shark is lying there, and Tornado seizes the opportunity to hit him with a Springboard Moonsault to the outside. The referee is beginning to count them both out. Both competitors have reached their feet, and Tornado immediately starts kicking Blue Shark repeatedly in his knees. Tornado then goes for an Irish whip to the side steps, but its countered and Blue Shark sends him flying instead. The referee is up to a four count, and Blue Shark gets in the ring, and slides out breaking the count. He walks over and picks up Tornado, and slides him into the ring. Tornado quickly gets up and starts stomping away on Blue Shark. Tornado then picks him up, and delivers a quick Scoop Slam in the center of the ring. Tornado makes his way to the turnbuckle nearby, and points to the rafters. Tornado then goes for the Shooting Star Press, but Blue Shark hurriedly gets out of the way. Tornado hits the ring with so much impact, and Blue Shark is getting up. He takes advantage of a grounded Tornado and goes for the pin but there's another two count. Blue Shark wasting very little time then picks up Tornado and Irish whips him into the turnbuckle. Blue Shark comes running at him and Tornado gets a boot up. Blue Shark stumbles a bit, while Tornado take to the skies again. He positions himself for a Moonsault, and Blue Shark then moves the ropes causing him to fall on the turnbuckle with his legs open. Blue Shark looks around and takes advantage of the situation and hits the 10,000 Leagues Under the Sea. Blue Shark then goes for the cover: 1.....2.....3!!

Sherry Rolland: And here's your winner...the BLUE SHARK!!

Blue Shark goes from post to post raising his hands in victory, as the crowd starts to chant his name. Suddenly a video starts to play on the Titantron. The audience turns their attention towards the screen and watches the video.

5/9/12 Results Man%2Bon%2Ba%2Bbench2-saidaonline

The screen shows a man on a bench during a storm...he begins to recite a poem...

There once was a man who lived in Leeds;
He filled his garden full of seeds.
And when the seeds began to grow,
It was like a garden filled with snow.
But when the snow began to melt,
It was like a ship without a belt.
And when the ship began to sail,
It was like a bird without a tail.
And when the bird began to fly,
It was like an eagle in the sky.
And when the sky began to roar,
It was like a lion at my door.
And when the door began to crack,
It was like a penknife in my back.
And when my back began to bleed,
I was dead, dead, dead indeed!

The screen flashes and shows the figure sitting on a bench in a storm…but the lightning stops flashing and you cannot see him anymore…

Narrator: He is coming…

CCW Live goes off the air to a commercial, then when it comes back on the air the camera cuts to the ring and the bell sounds off in the arena, to get the next bout started.

Sherry Rolland: Ladies and Gentlemen this is our Diva's match for this evening, and its scheduled for one fall. Introducing first...MARITZA SILVERIA!!!

Maritza comes out and gets into the ring, hyping up the crowd for the match.

Johnny Boy: Now this young lady seems to be everything that stands for good in this womens' division. She's cute, tough, and knows her way inside of an MMA Ring and a Wrestling Ring.

Drew Samson: Bla bla bla! We don't know that she can wrestle yet, yeah sure she's a great MMA Fighter. But this is the CCW, we do things that MMA Fighters would reconsider doing. If you ask me I don't think that she'll be able to last against Rochelle tonight.

Sherry Rolland: And her opponent the Goddess of Wrestling...ROCHELLE FAUX!!!

Rochelle enters the arena to a few whistles and boo's. She sneers her nose up at a few people, and flips her hair to taunt the crowd. Then she gets in the ring and smiles at Maritza in a snobby manner.

Drew Samson: Now this is what I call a Wrestler. She has everything, the beauty, the brains, everything! There isn't a woman here that is worthy of challenging her, let alone facing her.

The bell rings and the match gets kicked off. The girls circle around one another, but Rochelle stops and just laughs at Maritza. The crowd shows their displeasure for the laughing, and the girls go for the test of strength. Rochelle seems to be winning, but then the cheers from the audience push Maritza to come back. Rochelle's face goes from cocky smirk, to a state of panic. Rochelle takes a desperate action and then kicks her in the gut, and starts hammering her with elbows. She backs her to the ropes and sends her flying with an Irish whip. Maritza comes back and is hit with a shoulder tackle. Rochelle bounces off the other set of ropes, jumping over Maritza who rolls over and makes it to her feet before Rochelle comes back the second time around. And out of nowhere Maritza nails her with a hip toss. Rochelle gets up and is floored with a clothesline. Rochelle gets up once more and Maritza goes for another clothesline, but its ducked, and Rochelle grabs her by her hair and throws her head down to the mat. She then begins to kick Maritza in the stomach a number of times, and picks her up. She then throws her to the turnbuckle and gives her two chest slaps, before putting her on the top rope. Rochelle climbs the ropes and gets Maritza in a Suplex Clutch, but Maritza sends punches to Rochelle's abdomen that causes her to lose her balance and fall to the mat. Maritza stands up on the top rope, and goes for a Flying Cross Body that hits Rochelle successfully. Rochelle's shoulders are on the ground and the referee goes for the pin and Rochelle shifts and rolls over causing Maritza to be on her back. But there's a kick out at two...the girls get back up and Maritza goes for a Standing Hurricanrana and she hits it. She hooks the leg of Rochelle and the referee counts the pin: 1....2....3!!! The bell rings and the announcer is heard.

Sherry Rolland: Here's your winner...MARITZA SILVERIA!!

Maritza slides out of the ring with her hands in the air. Rochelle stands there with a dead lock stare on Maritza as she makes her way up the ramp. Once Maritza has disappeared beyond the curtain, Rochelle makes her exit out of the ring. Then Blood Red Sandman's Music sounds off in the arena.

Sherry Rolland: Ladies and Gentlemen, making his way down the ring...BLOOD RED SANDMAN!

Sandman comes to the ring with a Kendo Stick accompanying him. He walks out while drinking a beer, he climbs into the ring and spits some at the crowd.

Johnny Boy: Alright now this contest should be good, this is a man that I would say is very dangerous. Judging by his name of course.

Drew Samson: Oh yeah, I can tell from the look of this guy, he's going to one hard nut to crack.

Sherry Rolland: And his opponent....MANUEL NEUR!!

Manuel comes out flashing a smile to the audience. He gets into the ring, and goes from post to post with his arms raised in the air to work the crowd.

Johnny Boy: Manuel Neur, he really seems like a nice kid. He's got everything going for him as well. The looks, the talent, and the charisma. So despite Sandman's slight advantage, I think that he'll do great in this one on one contest.

The Referee signals for the bell, and this match finally gets underway. Manuel and Sandman tangle up, and Sandman gets him in a headlock. Manuel struggles to break free of it, and Sandman just flips him over, and starts to apply the hold even harder. The screams from Manuel are heard from the audience who start to sympathize with him. They begin to make noise and try to get him back in the match. They seem to be working because he starts to make it up to one knee, then he makes it up to both of his feet. Manuel hits a Back Suplex and escapes the hold. Sandman holds his head while lying on the mat, while Manuel gets up and proceeds to stomp on the head of Sandman. He then sits him up, bounces off the ropes, and hits Sandman with a running big boot to the face. He goes for a quick cover, but only gets to 1 1/2. Manuel then begins to work the head of Sandman by putting him in a Scissors Headlock. Sandman is yelling in pain while the referee is asking him if he would like to give up. Sandman answers, "No!" And tries to make his way to the bottom rope. He gets closer to it more and more, and his foot does reach the bottom of it. The referee forces Manuel to break the hold, and he does so. He drags Sandman to the center of the ring and goes for another pin attempt: 1.......2.... and there's another kick out! Sandman rolls out of the side of the ring to try and catch his breath. Manuel gets up and goes to the top rope, and hits a Diving Crossbody onto Sandman, but Sandman catches him. Sandman holds him up onto his head, and tries for a Gorilla Press Slam throwing him up in the air, for Manuel to intentionally fall stomach first onto the floor. But Manuel catches himself, Sandman turns around and is nailed with a quick RKO! The referee is in the ring, his count has gotten to five, and only one competitor is up..but barely. Manuel struggles to pick up Sandman, and rolls him into the ring. Following in right behind him, Manuel then proceeds to go for the pin: 1............2.......and another kick out by Sandman. Manuel shows a bit of frustration with the call, and then decides to go to the turnbuckle setting up for the Punt Kick...Manuel runs towards a grounded Sandman, and Sandman using all of the power he has left, hits a spear onto Manuel before he could kick him. Both men lay there in the ring feeling the affects they've been suffering during the match. The referee begins to count, and is up to three...Manuel gets up using the ropes as leverage. While Sandman is still struggling, only making it to his knees. Manuel begins to stare at a down Sandman, and knows what has to be done.

Drew Samson: Here it comes...he has that deadly look in his eyes Johnny Boy!!

He starts stalking Sandman who is getting up very slowly. Sandman reaches his feet and Manuel goes for the RKO, but is pushed off by Sandman. Manuel hits the ropes and comes back, and Sandman hits the Spinebuster!! But there's no cover, both men are down and out. So the referee is left with no other choice but to begin a count.

Johnny Boy: The referee is still counting, one of these guys has to get up!!

He's up to eight.

Drew Samson: There's no motion going on here...that's it this match is over.

The referee then signals for the bell and the announcer gets on the mic.

Sherry Rolland: Ladies and Gentlemen this contest has to been declared as a Draw. So neither man will advance in the Intercontinental Tournament!!

Johnny Boy: Oh my God!! What a bone shattering move that was. You could literally feel it all the way over here at ringside. And what a terrific performance on behalf of these superstars in the ring.

Drew Samson: For once I actually agree with you, despite how it ended it was good while it lasted. They both left it all in that ring tonight, and I tip my hat to the guys.

The camera pans at the Interview section backstage. Mr. Edwards is there and has decided to make another statement regarding what has transpired in the ring..

Mr. Edwards: Okay now that match didn't quite end the way I intended for it to end. However, the show MUST go on! And in order for this Tournament to be a success, I'm going to put one of my own men in the place of Sandman or Manuel seeing as neither one could finish the job. Now I've thought long and hard about who I was going to let fulfill this spot, and I've chosen Ashten Cross!!

The smile on Mr. Edwards face was enough to receive a tirade of the fans boo's. The camera gets a close up of him and fades out to commercial.

Johnny Boy: Welcome back from the break ladies and gentlemen; I really don't trust the man that Mr. Edwards has picked, he has suspicious characteristics to him.

Drew Samson: Oh come on Johnny, you can't sit here and judge him based off of his looks. Besides who are you to tell the Boss how to run his own show?

Johnny Boy: If you say so Drew, but I'm telling you that Ashten Cross, is up to no good.

Sherry Rolland: Alright folks, this next match is our Main Event for this evening! Introducing first..LEON!!

Leon's music plays and he comes out receiving a huge pop while walking down the ramp.

Sherry Rolland: And his opponent...THE ASSASSIN!!

The Assassin comes out, him too recieving a huge pop from the fans. He gets into the ring, and its plain as day to see that his presence has intimidated Leon a little bit. The two meet in the center of the ring and a stare down then commences between them both.

Johnny Boy: Look at the determination in the eyes of these two competitors...this is sure to be one hell of a main event.

Mr. Edwards comes back out again.

Drew Samson: Uh oh here comes the Boss again.

Mr. Edwards: Aww look at this, it does my heart good to see two athletes show such pride in what they do. Especially in the Wrestling World, because lets face it this is a cut throat business. It's kill or be killed! And I'm starting to wonder if you two has-beens can handle being in the ring and competing with some of today's new, younger, and much more fresher talent. So just to make sure that you two haven't completely lost your touches, I'm ordering this Singles Match to be a Tables Match!! The man that is able to put the other through a table will be our winner. Good luck gentlemen...and may the best man win!

Drew Samson: Now that's what I call a match!!! Ring the bell Ref, let's get this match started!

The referee rings the bell and the match picks up. Both men meet in the center of the ring and start to trade punches. Leon appears to be getting the upperhand and goes for a clothesline, but its ducked. The Assassin is hammering Leon now with loads of punches to the stomach, and he hits one measured strike to the forehead of Leon, and it causes him to fall to the mat. Leon picks himself up, but is floored with another punch to the head from the Assassin. Leon is then helped up, and the Assassin hits him with a headbutt, causing Leon to stumble into the corner. The Assassin goes for an Irish Whip, but Leon counters and sends the Assassin to the opposite turnbuckle instead. Leon hypes up the crowd and runs to the Assassin and hits a turnbuckle clothesline. The Assassin gets out of the corner appearing to be groggy from the clothesline, and is hit with a Sideslam from Leon. Leon goes for the cover, but then remembers that its a Tables Match. Leon rolls out of the ring, looks under the ring, and takes out a Table. Meanwhile inside of the ring, the Assassin is getting back up to his feet. The Assassin notices Leon trying to get the Table in the ring, and he bounces off the ropes and hits a Baseball Slide onto Leon causing him to fall, though the Table doesn't break. The Assassin is getting a lot of props from the crowd, and he decides to get out of the ring and get the Table. The Assassin gets the Table and slides it into the ring, while Leon makes it to his feet. He runs over and hits a turned Assassin on the back, the Assassin turns around and hits a throat thrust to Leon. Leon stumbles a bit and the Assassin slides him into the ring, leaving his head barely dangling on the edge of the ring. The Assassin then strikes with an aggressive elbow to the face of Leon, then he climbs the side of the ring, and goes for a Leg Drop, but Leon dodges it. The Assassin tends to his leg, but notices Leon's getting up to set up the table, so he gets back into the ring. Leon sets up the Table, and turns around to catch a kick to the face from the Assassin. The Assassin gets on top of the Table, and pulls Leon up onto it as well. The Assassin kicks Leon in the gut, and decides to try a DDT through the Table, but Leon strikes with a fist to the gut of the Assassin. Leon then flips the Assassin over, landing him off of the Table and on to the canvas of the ring. The crowd is pumped up and starts rallying up a "CCW" Chant, whilst Leon jumps down from the Table to continue working on the Assassin. Leon picks up the Assassin and Irish Whips him into the ropes, when he comes back he's hit with a Samoan Slam by Leon. Leon goes on the attack, pelting the Assassin with stomps. Leon then picks him up and goes for a Stunner, but the Assassin pushes him off sending him across the ring. Leon comes back receiving a kick to the gut, and The Assassin hits the Executioner's Whip.

Johnny Boy: Whoa, what a Swinging Neckbreaker from the Assassin. This could be his only chance to get Leon on that Table.

The Assassin sits up catching his breath, he throws his hair to the back of his head, and gets to his feet. Leon is on his hands and knees trying to get up. The Assassin notices it and hits a low dropkick to the temple of Leon. He gets back up and grabs Leon's legs, he is struggling to turn Leon on his stomach to fully apply the Boston Crab.

Drew Samson: Can he turn him over?! .... ... ....Oh my he got it!! Leon's on his stomach, he has him in the Boston Crab!!!

Johnny Boy: But there's no way that a tap out is going to work. This is a Tables Match.

The Assassin is bending the legs of Leon, and applying pressure on Leon's lower back. He's screaming in agony, and then Leon finally taps out from the pressure of the submission. The Referee approaches Leon and informs him that its a Tables Match. The Referee allows the Assassin to continue the hold, and after about two minutes of the hold, Leon just passes out from the pain. Meanwhile up the ramp the fans see someone darting to the ring. Turns out its Ashten Cross running to the ring with a steel chair in his hand.

Drew Samson: Looks like there's going to be another addition to tonight's match. What's Ashten doing out here?

Ashten gets in the ring and hits a side kick to the head of the Assassin. The crowd starts to boo, as he is stomping on him constantly. He stops the stomping and then cracks the chair off the back of the Assassin. The sound of the chair shot echo's throughout the gymnasium, and just when everyone thought Ashten was about to leave the ring he stops. Ashten looks over his shoulder at the Assassin with evil intentions and picks him back up. He puts the Assassin in a powerbomb clutch, positioned towards the already set table. Ashten lifts him up in to the air, and plants Leon through the Table breaking it in two.

Johnny Boy: Oh my God!! The Last Laugh right through the Table!! I told you Drew, putting that man in this Tournament was a bad decision made by Edwards!

The bell rings and the referee calls the Ring Announcer over and informs her of his decision.

Sherry Rolland: The Referee has made his decision...and your winner of this match is LEON!!

Johnny Boy: Of course...tell me why in the hell did he come out here and sabotage this match!?

Ashten holds his hands out mocking the crowd, as they boo him. His entrance music hits and he goes corner to corner celebrating a successful plan.

Drew Samson: Simple Johnny Boy, he's smart. The Owner was willing to make him a replacement in this Tournament Match for next week, why wouldn't he have taken advantage of this match? It was a Tables Match which means no disqualifications! And if you were Ashten who would you want to verse: Leon or the Assassin?

Johnny Boy: Well when you put it like that, it makes this sound like a screw job.

Drew Samson: Hey I'm not saying it was, and I'm not saying it wasn't. I'm just gonna keep my mouth shut on this one. Good night folks and we hope you all enjoyed the first ever Live Special of CCW Live!

The camera gets a close view of the look on the Assassin's face who is starting to come to his senses, as the logo flashes on the screen, and the camera fades to black ending the show.
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5/9/12 Results
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