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 Chun Ng(short title problem)

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PostSubject: Chun Ng(short title problem)   Chun Ng(short title problem) EmptyWed May 09, 2012 2:38 am

Name:Chun Ng




Chun Ng(short title problem) Bruce-Lee-Best-Pictures-

Gimmick(Optional):Young Wrestler from Japan, who fluently speaks Chinese, Japanese, and a few other Asian languages, but knows very little English, so he usually talks through his actions over his words, or lets his manager do the talking for him.

Character Description:Extremely tough and knows more than 20 Martial Arts fighting styles.

Alignment(Heel or Face): Heel

Fighting Style Technician and Brawler(Martial Arts style)

Entrance Music(Please email me a Video Link):

Favorite Weapon:Kendo Stick

Moveset(Unlimited):Palm Strike
Leg Slicer
Spine Crank
Backhand Strike
Double Knife Edge Chop to running opponent
Palm Heel Strike
Front Kick
Series of Low Kicks
Uppercut Palm Strike
Fast Combination of strikes that end with a powerful elbow to the temple
Straight Punch to chest
Jabs(used most often to set up for other moves)
Knee Strike to stomach
Series of Hooks

Signature Moves(5-10):Axe Kick(Taekwondo), Tiger Claw followed by Eagle Strike, Dragon's Claw to ribs, Fish Tail Block quickly followed by a a Palm Heel to the heart(which effectively stops their heart for a short bit leaving them stunned and open), Several quick strikes suddenly followed by a Shadowless Kick(a kick which is extremely fast and painful)

Finishers(1-2):Triple Pressure Point Strike(First stuns, second causes the opponent to be extremely dazed, third knocks them out)
Side Palm Strike followed by a Spearhand Strike to the solarplexes

Catchphrases(Optional): None

Favorite Matches(Optional): Submission(as since he has learned Martial Arts, knows the weaknesses of his opponents)

Manager:Paul Suman
Chun Ng(short title problem) Heyman

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Chun Ng(short title problem)
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