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 The Next Big Thing

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The theme hits and the crowd seems excited to see who comes out. Suddenly a guy who looks like he is from China or Japan comes out. He is with a fat old man that has a ponytail. The fat guy is smiling and the two make their way into the ring. The Chinese guy stands in the middle of the ring confidently as the fat man has a smug look on his face and raises his mic.

Hello my name is Paul Suman, and this man is going to be the fastest rising star to ever set foot into a ring. His name is Chun Ng, and while he may not look very dangerous, his looks are deceiving. He can defeat anyone of you, right now if he wanted to. He would demolish you and send you into a hospital before you even have a chance to get a single punch in. He is fast, strong, and unstoppable. This man is going to be the most dominant force this company has ever seen, and if you don't believe me then I say you get in this ring and see how right I am.

Nobody in the crowd moves from their seat. Paul Suman smiles.

Just like I thought, none of you audience members are willing to get in this ring and face him like a real man. YOU'RE ALL LOWLY COWARDS!

Suddenly a guy about 20 seems to have had enough with Paul's mouth and hops over the barricade. He enters the ring and sizes himself up to Chun Ng, who stands confidently despite the other man being a head taller. Paul then smiles.

I'm glad to see not all of the fans are lowless cowards. Well lets get this match started shall we?

Paul calls in a ref and a ref comes running out. Paul leaves the ring and stands at ringside. The ref readies the two men. He starts the match and the audience member runs at Chun. Chun quickly dodges a clothesline and lands a quick jab to the other man's torso. This angers the audience member who turns wildly to hit Chun, but Chun ducks the blow and knees the man in the gut. Chun then quickly lands an uppercut and follows with several jabs. Suddenly he goes for huge hooks which daze the other man. Chun then connects with several quick blows and lands a powerful elbow to the temple of the other man. Chun then lands a Tiger Claw to his opponents chin causing him to stagger backward and Chun quickly follows with an Eagle Strike to the throat of the man. The man collapses and rolls around clutching his throat. Chun then stalks his opponent, waiting for him to get up. The man eventually gets up and turns around. Chun suddenly strikes at a spot on the man. The man suddenly feints back stunned. Chun then strikes a different area and the other man falls to his knees, and his eyes start rolling into the back of his head. Suddenly Chun strikes at another spot on the man, and he collapses completely unmoving. The ref then pushes Chun away from the other man and checks the opponent's pulse. The ref then calls the match off and medical staff rush out with a stretcher and carry the man off. Inside the ring Chun raises his arms in victory and Paul slides in clapping his hands. The crowd boos as Paul raises his mic.

Did you all just see that? Chun Ng destroyed that man with little or no effort, just as I had predicted. What you saw him do to that man is exactly what he is going to do to anyone who gets in his way. He will destroy them and humiliate them. He will dominate them. He will become champion. So those of you in the back who think you have a chance against this man, think again. He has training in over ten different Martial Arts styles, and can use every single one of his moves to slowly decimate you. Wrestlers of CCW beware. Chun Ng is here.

Paul then smiles as he leaves the ring followed by Chun. The two walk to the back as the crowd boos.
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The Next Big Thing
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