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 You will know fear.

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Ryan Savage

Ryan Savage

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You will know fear. Empty
PostSubject: You will know fear.   You will know fear. EmptyMon May 14, 2012 9:54 pm

An unfamiliar song blasts through the PA system as the fans are awaiting who is coming out from backstage. Then fireworks began to go off and a man slowly walks out behind the curtains and on the stage. The fans were taken a back by his menacing appearance. The new initiate has no emotion on his face as he walks down the isle, as he makes his way down to the ramp he climbs on the apron and enters the ring and one of the workers outside the ring hands him a microphone, and the man picks up the microphone and looks at the audience with an evil glare.

Ryan Savage

As you all want to know who I am, my question is are you ready for the journey you people and the person who has signed me has embarked on? Well it's simple really because my name is Ryan Savage, and what you all may or may not know about me is that I am a heartless, sickening, ruthless competitor and from that I don';t know the owner of this promotion has gotten his viewers and the other wrestler into when he signed me. Before I came here, I have been under used by my other employer and was actually fired at one point because I tend to do things that isn't really comfortable for the owner to handle. But tonight is a fresh start because you all will see me debut tonight

Ryan Savage laughs a bit thinking about his opponent for tonight.

Ryan Savage

Actually I feel kinda bad for your hometown hero because tonight not only is he facing a new talent like me that he probably hasn't even heard of but the worse part is that the very moment he enters the ring he will be walking into hell because I won't show any mercy. The bad part is for you people is because I'm not going to finish him quickly but I'm going to take my sweet time punishing him, torturing him that it will strike fear into your hearts that a man like me walks the earth. But if you don't take my word for it, then watch my match as I show you that what I have been saying right now is true.

Once again Ryan Savage theme hits as he exits the ring walking up the ramp leaving the people in the arena speechless and stricken with fear.
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You will know fear.
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