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 The Assasian vs Ryan Savage rp 1

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The Assasian vs Ryan Savage rp 1 Empty
PostSubject: The Assasian vs Ryan Savage rp 1   The Assasian vs Ryan Savage rp 1 EmptyTue May 22, 2012 3:26 pm

The Assasian is standing in a morgue with a picture of Ryan Savage next to him. He has his 2nd mask on, he then begins to speak.

The Assasian: Now that I have bested Sandman, the Mr. Edwards has decided to send me after Ryan Savage. Now then it looks as if Ryan will be a bigger challenge then even last week when Ashten left me to lose, of course I came out dominant but when do I not?

The Assasian walks to Ryan's photo and places his knife in the face of Ryan.

The Assasian: I will not let Ryan Savage beat me on the path to the CCW World Championship. I swear to it I will become the first ever CCW World Champion.

The Assasian then realizes he forgot something and looks at the camera.

The Assasian: One more thing...Ashten I challenge you at the first ever CCW PPV to a normal singles match. No dirty moves, no weapons, and no running away. Just you and me in the ring to see who's the better man. If you accept I will see you soon.
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The Assasian vs Ryan Savage rp 1
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