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 No One Will Stop Me

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Ryan Savage

Ryan Savage

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PostSubject: No One Will Stop Me   No One Will Stop Me EmptyTue May 22, 2012 8:35 pm

[center]Ryan Savage is already seen inside the ring with a microphone in his hand looking onto the audience looking at the sustained in their faces. He can tell by the look on their faces they are upset that he has easily dominated his last opponent. A smile began to creep on the face of Ryan Savage and he begins to speak.

Ryan Savage

Last Week, I have made my debut against a hometown hero, a hero that the people there looked up to and was hoping that their so called "hero" would defeat me, and make himself big here in this promotion. But the sad fact is, that he wasn't able to get the job done. The moment he stepped inside the ring with me he knew for a fact that he didn't have a chance against me. It was like a lamb waiting to get slaughtered. I have beaten him so badly that he lost consciousness and the referee had no choice but to stop the match. It makes me laugh really thinking about the look on your all's faces how easily I have dismantled and humiliated your hero and made him seem nothing. Thanks to him he has embarrassed your city, your state that and now you all have to live with the reputation that your state cannot produce good wrestling talent.

The arena erupted in boos and you suck chants and Ryan Savage wasn't phased by it but he continued speaking despite the people in the arena trying to boo him out.

Ryan Savage

Not only that but Mr.Edwards the owner of Central Circuit Wrestling has put me in a match with The Assassin, and if I beat him tonight you all are possibly looking the inaugural World Champion of this promotion. I find that to be a simple task really because The Assassin is not skilled enough to fight a man like me, he says that he will not let me become the CCW Champion but he is sadly mistaken on that, There is nothing and no one that can stop me becoming the CCW Champion. The owner of this promotion realizes that he has found THE talent that will represent Central Circuit Wrestling and that person is me. He doesn't need a man who has to hide behind a mask, he doesn't need a man who cannot live up to the expectation of what a world champion should be. In fact he is looking for a champion that he can be proud of and would be honored to call that person a champion. The man that will be the future CCW Champion is, me. No matter what the cost may be, I will do anything in my being to bring obtain that title and there will be no one inside this promotion that will keep me from it and once I obtain there will be no one that will take it away from me.

Ryan Savage drops his microphone and exits the ring heading up the ramp and while the fans were still booing at him and the scene faddes.

End Of Promo
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No One Will Stop Me
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