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 5/23/12 Results

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Sandman confronts Manuel Neur

-The show kicks off with Sandman who comes out to a mixed reaction. Seems that he won over some respect from the crowd for going through with the handicapped match last week. He pretty much calls out Manuel Neur by calling him a coward, a bitch, and every other name under the sun that would describe a guy who refuses to fight him. So Manuel finally makes an appearance, but its from Via Satellite, which didn't get him too over with the crowd. When push came to shove Sandman had informed him that Mr. Edwards has already approved of a match between him and Manuel for May Day this weekend. And he also informed Manuel of the consequences of No-Showing at the pay per view. Which would lead to the terminating of his contract.

Chun NG vs. Mike Cole
-Chun Ng and Mike Cole were two guys who competed in a match that didn't really have the crowd behind them. The way that Chun Ng was fighting you'd think it was MMA or something. Mike tried to pull off a few technical maneuvers, but in the end it just wasn't enough to take down Chun. One mistake from Mike was what led to Chun winning, and finishing him off with the Triple Pressure Point Strike.

The Assassin vs. Ryan Savage
-The Assassin came out to cheers, while Ryan came out to boo's. Ryan entered the ring with a lot of hostility, putting pressure on the Assassin. Pummeling him with rights and lefts and throwing him halfway across the ring in the beginning of the match. Ryan then tries to go for a Samoan Slam that went totally wrong, the Assassin would end up jumping over Ryan's head, and planting him with a twisting neck breaker. This was what got the crowd on their feet, seeing the Assassin taking on Ryan with such heart and resiliency. It would appear to the crowd at this point that everything was all will and good, and that the Assassin would walk away the winner, seeing as he was setting up for the Breaking Point. But then a familiar song is played in the background. It would appear to be Ashten Cross, who stares at the Assassin from the top of the ramp. This caught his attention long enough for Ryan to get back up to his feet, spin the Assassin around, and hit the Wake Up Call. He hooks the leg of the Assassin, the move was strong enough to stun him and give Ryan his second win. After Ryan cleared the ring and Ashten left the public's eye, the Assassin got to his feet and got on the microphone. He ended up calling out Mr. Edwards and forcing him to restart the match by way of interference. Mr. Edwards came out and declined that proposal, stating that he told the Assassin that he couldn't interfere into Ashten's matches, he didn't say anything about Ashten interfering into his. Mr. Edwards would leave the Assassin on a final note, saying that he will still be in the World Title match this weekend against Ryan Savage again. And that it also will be a Ladder Match.

Blue Shark vs. Ashten Cross
-The Main Event for the night was what people wanted to see. Blue Shark came out to a huge pop and got in the ring, Ashten came out getting pelted with garbage while he continued his way to the ring. The cage was let down and the match began. Blue Shark started pummeling him with kicks to the knee, and one quick kick to the side of the head to Blue Shark was what put Ashten in control of the whole match. Ashten kept torturing Blue Shark with submission maneuvers, head locks, arm bars, including a Sharpshooter. This move was the move that really took a lot out of Blue Shark, Ashten was smart enough to take out his legs, that way he can't do any high flying moves anymore. When Ashten let go of Blue Shark it was clear that he wouldn't be able to climb the cage to win this match. So Ashten leaving a broken Blue Shark on the mat, told the referee to open the Cage so he could proceed to walk out. Soon the lights went out, the crowd was startled and nobody could see anything that was going on. Then when they came back on Ashten was laying in the center of the ring on his back. And Blue Shark was on the outside of the Cage barely moving, the referee then just rings the bell and declares Blue Shark the new Intercontinental Champion. Meanwhile backstage Mr. Edwards along with security came and found the Assassin, Edwards accused the Assassin of interfering when he told him not to. But the Assassin then informed him that if he didn't see anything, then how could he possibly know it was him that did anything. With no proof of whether the Assassin did it or not, Mr. Edwards couldn't press charges on him or punish him. But however he could add someone else to the World Title Match at the pay per view. Thus he finalized the main event for May Day: the Assassin vs. Ryan Savage vs. Ashten Cross for the World Title, in a Ladder Match. Mr. Edwards walked off, along with security leaving a frustrated Assassin standing there. Then CCW Live went off the air as the logo buzzed in the bottom left corner.
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5/23/12 Results
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