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 The Assasian

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My guy from other feds....lucky me I just had to copy and paste

Name: The Assasian

Real Name: Samael Keeper

Picbase: Corey Taylor

Record: 28-18-6
Win Percentage: 59.62

CWF Record: 19-15-5
Win Percentage: 55.13

HellFire Wrestling Record: 10-4-1
Win Percentage: 70.00

PPV Record: 4-3-1
Win Percentage: 56.25

Age: 38

Weight: 170 lbs.

Height: 5'11

Hometown: The Ravine/Somewhere in Des Moines, Iowa

Family: George Keeper (Father 60), Marie Keeper (Mother 59), Isis (Sister 30), Rebecca (Wife 38, Formally Ex remarried her), Jason (Son 12), Jenna (Daughter 15), Corey (Son 4), Karla (Grandmother Deceased), Victor (Grandfather 86), Roland (Brother 30)

Pets: Maya (Siberian Husky, Female, Eight), Silver(Siberian Husky, Male 1), Horus (Pit Bull, Male, 4)

Ring Attire: First Mask with Blue Jumpsuit or Long Blue Tights, Second Mask with Jeans and Jacket, Third Mask with long black Tights

Out of Ring Attire: The Assasian shirt w/ jeans and HFW Zip Up Sweatshirt or Assasian shirt w/ Jeans or Whatever company he is working for shirt w/ jeans

Favorite Match: Hardcore or Submission

Style: Technician, High Flyer

Favorite Weapon: His Shanai Stick

Nicknames: The Freak on a Leash, The Nobody, Submission King, The Dark Savior, The Greatest Champion in CWF History (Self-Proclaimed)

Heel or Face: Face

Execution (Modified Figure Four Leg Lock)
Breaking Point (Pedigree into a Double Underhook With Body Scissors)
Decapitator (Diving somersault inverted facelock jawbreaker)

Former Finishers:
Execution Bomb (Sunset Flip Powerbomb from the top rope)
Execution Spiral Splash (Corkscrew Leg Drop)
Fin Drop (Lifting Reverse DDT)

Executioner's Whip (Swinging Neckbreaker)
Executioner's Axe (Body Kick)
Executioner's Noose (Double Axe Handle)

Buffalo Sleeper Hold
Boston Crab
Figure Four Pin
Abdominal Stretch
Backslide Pin
Body Avalanche
Body Slam
Canadian Back Breaker
Butterfly Lock
Choke Hold
Fireman Carry
Knees Lift
Lou Thesz Press Pin
Springboard Corkscrew Splash
Reverse Achilles Lock

Entrance: Diluted-Slipknot

Special Themes-GWAR Let Us Slay (Used at HFW Decadence)

Former Federations: E.C.C.W (Extreme Canadian Carnage Wrestling), CWF (Championship Wrestling Federation)

Tag Team Partner(s): The Dogs of War/Atreus Arkadian

Accomplishments: 2x CWF US Champion, 1x HFW Brimstone Champion, VGM of Blackout with Beast April 16th, 2011-July 18th, 2011 VGM of Main Event with MoP July 18th 2011, Longest Reigning Champion in CWF history with 325 days, Last ever CWF United States Champion, President of Blackout, CWF Original, Main Evented the first ever HFW PPV and won, VGM of Hellfire Wrestling (Current), Leader of the Dogs of War stable Jan. 11th-Present (Current), Voted Best Face on the first HFW Awards Show

The Assasian was born September 14th and grew up in an abusive family. He wasn't fed or given any water. His father and mother beat him. Until he finally had enough. When his father threatened him with a knife one day and meant to kill him. The Assasian broke his father's arm took the knife and killed him. He was sent to prison. But was bailed out by his sister who told him that the people he was living with were not his parents. He then started to wrestle for E.C.C.W but it didn't last long and the company shut down. He then joined CWF and became the U.S champion short after the first champion won it. His doctor says he is unstable but most of the time he is an extremely nice person. He was married for 13 years and had a son and daughter. He remarried his Ex-Wife on February 5th 2011 after being engaged since 2007.

Timeline Bio:
Early Life:
Samael Keeper The Assasian was born September 14th but was taken from the hospital he was born in and kidnapped. His kidnappers moved to Germany.
He was abused by them. He had enough and when he was almost killed by them murdered them both. His sister bailed him out of prison and told him everything.

Meeting his love:
Samael met his future wife Rebecca in 1990 in high school. The two dated and then married in 1995. They had two children Jason (born 1999) and Jenna (born 1997). They divorced in 2003.
But were remarried in 2011 after being engaged again since 2007.

Early Wrestling Career:
Samael started wrestling as The Assasian were he wrestled on the independent circuit. He was signed to E.C.C.W were he was moderately successful in the mid-card

Samael was signed to CWF and was one of the first signed. He became the fan's favorite and became the CWF United Stated champion. He lost the United States title to Nex Votum after having the longest reign with any title in CWF history. He won it back again from Nex Votum a few seasons later. When CWF closed down he truly ended as the greatest U.S champion ever to step into a CWF ring.

When CWF closed down Samael signed with HFW because many members from CWF were going here. He still wrestles under The Assasian name but since the show has yet to debut he has not wrestled a match there. He will be wrestling his first match against long time CWF colleague Viper. He will also be entering a feud with former CWF TV Champion TGK. He wrestled his first match on the 2011-11-9 in a winning effort against Viper after a Chicken Wing. He had his next match against TFK and Randy Bourne, teaming with his rookie Lisandro, they lost. The Assasian assaulted Lisandro after the match. It is unknown if he will continue to mentor Lisandro. His next match was against TGK's rookie Randy Bourne after Randy got cocky and said some things during the show. The Assasian came out and challenged him to a match. The Assasian won after hitting two of his finishers on him and finishing him off with Twisting Somersault Kick, this increased The Assasian total win-loss record in HFW to 2-1-0. The Assasian challenged TGK on Demonic Plague and they are now having a match on the first HFW PPV. On the Wrath before the PPV The Assasian went up against PFH in a losing effort. At the Decadence PPV The Assasian went up against TGK in a mask vs dignity match for the main event. He won the long fought match after a Front Russian Leg Sweep followed by a Diving Crossbody. After the match he delivered a Knee Lift to the beaten TGK and celebrated his win. The next season The Assasian teamed with Atreus Arkadian in the Tag Team Tourny. They are one of the few teams still competing. He won the HFW Brimstone Championship at the HFW PPV Maximum Impact after making Venus tap with the Execution.

During a match on the independent circuit. The Assasian, currently at the age of 60 botched an Asai Moonsault and landed on his back. This was a career ending injury for him. He retired humbly. His son Corey decided to take up The Assasian mask at the age of 27. He uses the Execution move as well as the Decapitator. He made his own move called Execution's End which is a in ring Asai Moonsault off the back of the knees. He wrestles proudly under The Assasian name where he is a top competitor everywhere he wrestles.

1. He was a smoker
2. He is a fan of Slipknot and Iron Maiden
3. He has an IQ of 145
4. He believes his mask to be his second face
5. Is a fan of the New Orleans Saints and Baltimore Ravens, Toronto Bluejays, New York Rangers, and the Toronto Argonauts
6. His Brother Roland wrestles on the S3 Independent Circuit as The Reaper
7. He used to wrestle as Mako until a huge injury almost ended his career. He came back to wrestling 10 months later as The Assasian.
8. He owns the original CWF United States Championship
Primary Mask:
[image] The Assasian 15corey_taylor

Secondary Mask:
The Assasian V_slipknot_corey

PPV Mask/Third Mask:
The Assasian Corey-slipknot-2931905-332-500

The Assasian Rb-long-hairstyles-handbook-05-lgn

The Assasian Dvd_assasin

The Assasian Merc_assasin
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The Assasian
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