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 Rochelle's Contract

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Rochelle Foax

Rochelle Foax

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PostSubject: Rochelle's Contract   Rochelle's Contract EmptySun Apr 29, 2012 3:35 pm

Name: Rochelle Faux

Nickname(Optional): N/A

Height: 5'7

Weight: 132lbs.

Picbase: Beyonce'

Gimmick(Optional): Goddess of Wrestling

Character Description: A woman who is obsessed with her looks, and becoming the best of the best.

Alignment(Heel or Face): Heel

Fighting Style(Powerhouse, Brawler, Highflyer, Technician, Showman, Submissionist, Dirty): Brawler

Entrance Music: Girls by Beyonce'

Favorite Weapon: Hair Spray

Moveset(Unlimited): Clothesline from Hell, B*tch Slap, Arm Bar, Dropkick, Stepping Sidekick, Running DDT, Top Rope Leg Drop, Somersault Turnbuckle Clothesline, Bulldog, Hurricanrana

Signature Moves(5-10): Spine Buster, Big Boot, Side Effect, Sharpshooter, Double Arm DDT, and Running Crossbody

Finishers(1-2): Chick Kick

Catchphrases(Optional): N/A

Favorite Matches(Optional): Ladder
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Rochelle's Contract
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