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 5/16/12 Match Card

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PostSubject: 5/16/12 Match Card   5/16/12 Match Card EmptyTue May 08, 2012 11:46 pm

CCW Live May 16th 2012

This show will not be live, it will be taped. Meaning that the results will be posted short getting to the best parts during the matches. Segments can and still will be presented through the "Taped" show, its just there won't be so much commentary and matches will be shorter.

There's a Two Promo Limit for each person and this time there is no word limit.

Match One:
Tornado vs. Mike Cole
Mike Cole makes his debut against Tornado.

Match Two:
Blue Shark vs. Leon vs. Martiza
These three fight for advancement into the Tournament; The Winner vs. Ashten Cross for the Intercontinental Championship Next Week.

Match Three:
Ryan Savage vs. A Hometown Hero
Ryan Savage's Debut Match

Main Event:
Manuel Neur and Sandman vs. The Assassin and Ashten Cross
No DQ Tag Team Match

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5/16/12 Match Card
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