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 Leon Rp for Match #2

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Leon Rp for Match #2 Empty
PostSubject: Leon Rp for Match #2   Leon Rp for Match #2 EmptyTue May 15, 2012 4:12 pm

The Scene fades into a locker room with him speed boxing...he looks at the camera after he stops boxing it.

Leon:Hmm i got advanced into the main round after The Assassintor ended up going through a no other than the man who im going to get to face after going through some wanna be shark boy and a chick who belongs into the world of MMA and has no bussines in the ring what so ever.

Leon smiles and laughs at the camera and wraps a towel on his neck.

Leon: Look, if i advance in this tournament and get to face Cross next week...It will be the last time you see me with no championship on my waist.. OR if i lose the triple threat match and one of those two who i mentioned win the tourney and get to face Cross for the Vacant Intercontinental title next week...ill never show myself in CCW ever again... That's all for now guys..see yall on May 16.

The Scene fades while the camera shuts off from leon
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Leon Rp for Match #2
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