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 Blue Shark Promo #1

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Blue Shark Promo #1 Empty
PostSubject: Blue Shark Promo #1   Blue Shark Promo #1 EmptyMon May 07, 2012 1:22 am

The promo fades in to show Blue Shark in an aquarium. He stands near a tank with sharks in it. He puts his hand up to the glass then turns around. He then begins to talk.

Blue Shark: Well then CCW it seems you have signed the biggest fish of them all. It also looks like you put me in a match against a man called Tornado. Well I’ll tell you something I’m a fighter and even though I may not look it. I’m one of the best that there is. So Mr. Tornado if you think for one second that I’m gonna be easy pickings then you’ll be in for a surprise. Because this shark won’t go down without a fight I’ll take you to the edge and then bite your god damn head off when you aren’t looking! I’m gonna go straight to the top! I’m gonna go in there and win that Intercontinental Title!

Blue Shark looks back towards his shark tank and when a shark comes up he begins to talk again.

BlueShark: That’s right my shark isn’t it. Of course it is my baby. But as I said before The Biggest Fish in the Sea is gonna whoop your ass and knock you out of this tournament! I’ll see you in the ring.

The scene fades out. The last thing seen is Blue Shark rubbing his shark tank.
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Blue Shark Promo #1
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