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 Blue Shark IC Title Rp

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Blue Shark IC Title Rp Empty
PostSubject: Blue Shark IC Title Rp   Blue Shark IC Title Rp EmptyTue May 22, 2012 8:58 pm

Blue Shark is standing by his shark tank. He throws a fish into the tank and then begins to speak.

Blue Shark: That's right everyone...I told you all that I'd become Intercontinental Champion....and I almost am. I just have one obstacle left....Ashten Cross.

Blue Shark begins to pace.

Blue Shark: Now Ashten I know you are a dangerous man...but so am I...and I'm coming for you and that IC Title...and no one and nothing will stop me from getting it.

Sorry I had no time for the rp and I can't get anymore then this today.
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Blue Shark IC Title Rp
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