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 The Assasian Promo vs Neur and Sandman w/ Ashten

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The Assasian Promo vs Neur and Sandman w/ Ashten Empty
PostSubject: The Assasian Promo vs Neur and Sandman w/ Ashten   The Assasian Promo vs Neur and Sandman w/ Ashten EmptySat May 12, 2012 12:11 pm

The Assasian stands in a funeral home with a picture of Ashten on top of the coffin. The Assasian is standing in front of the casket with his head down. The Assasian starts breathing heavily and angrily. He then turns around with his second mask on and his eye twitching.

The Assasian: Alright Assasian let’s calm down and not go crazy let’s not FREAK out. Let’s not GO crazy. So then Ashten did you really think that you could SCREW ME and get away with it! So then Mr. Edwards you think that you could screw me too? Huh? Did you really think that? You both obviously have never met me before; you both have never dealt with me before. Now Ashten you better watch your back because I’M COMING FOR YOU! I was about to win that MATCH! You waltzed out there and screwed me over.

The Assasian is breathing heavy and begins to shake, he then drags his hand down his face. He sighs and then begins to speak.

The Assasian: So now Mr. Edwards you put me in a tag match with Ashten. Not only that but Ashten has a free ride to the finals? You think you can get away with this? I know you are a part of this Mr. Edwards and I will find out why you are doing this, and I will make sure Ashten does not win that Intercontinental Championship.

The Assasian pushes the camera over and all you see is him walking away as the camera fades to black.
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The Assasian Promo vs Neur and Sandman w/ Ashten
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