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 Maritza Silveria vs Rochelle Fauz Promo Number 2

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Maritza Silveria vs Rochelle Fauz Promo Number 2 Empty
PostSubject: Maritza Silveria vs Rochelle Fauz Promo Number 2   Maritza Silveria vs Rochelle Fauz Promo Number 2 EmptyMon May 07, 2012 1:20 am

The camera opens up to Maritza punching and kicking a punching bag in a gym. She stops and then looks at the camera angrily. It is obvious that she a furious.

Maritza: Well then I guess here in the wrestling business we hold no respect for our opponents. Especially when one can break your leg or arm within ten seconds. I heard the trash you said about me Rochelle, and that crap about how no punches to the face and no knockout blows count. Well let me school ya here, when I knock your face in and you lay in that ring bleeding and knocked out I’ll pin you for that three and don’t come crying to me about how you’re sorry and all that other shit. Now you see Rochelle you must think I’m sort of joke either that or you are one of the dumbest people I’ve ever met. I tried to play it nice and I tried to show respect. But when I show it I want it back. But hell I’m not tall or intimidating so I guess I’ve got to earn respect. Also Rochelle I believe a man by the name of Ken Shamrock once wrestled and he was a Mixed Martial Artist. What titles did he win? The World and the Intercontinental. He also won the King of the Ring. So saying that a Mixed Martial Artist can’t wrestle professionally is just dumb.

Maritza turns around and punches and kicks the punching bag a few more times. She takes a deep breath and then turns back to the camera.

Maritza: You don’t want to test me Rochelle, I may be a pretty face but I can break yours. You say in wrestling there are certain rules. Well in MMA we have certain rules as well. Like no eye gouging and no low blows. You must be familiar with those rules. Listen Rochelle you had your chance to be respectful but now I’m not gonna hold back. I’ll show you real fighting and I’ll shove your so called “class” straight up your ass. But hey Rochelle at least you were right on one thing. The fight will last less than two minutes, because I’m gonna knock you out in less than two minutes. So Rochelle let’s see how you do against the Goddess of MMA. Because if you want to get violent with me...then I'll get violent.

Maritza turns away and starts to train. The camera slowly fades out.
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Maritza Silveria vs Rochelle Fauz Promo Number 2
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